Hi. I’m Konstantin Pavlikhin.

I'm an engineer generalist, self-employed as an indie Mac-developer. I’m 30 years old, I live in📍Moscow with my family and a small adorable chihuahua 🐶 called Busya. I am a minimalist, an atheist ⚛ and I neither eat animals 🐷, nor wear them 🐮. You can look through my mostly technical blog or get inspired by the deep wisdom of my favourite quotes. Here is my CV. I constantly look for cooperation with people who share my interests and vision. Get in touch?

I’ve made a couple of macOS apps: Singlemizer, EOS Inspector and Sleep No More.

Twitter*, Instagram, VSCO Grid, GitHub, Dribbble, VK and Facebook.
* Usually, my username on the internets is ‘konstantinpavlikhin’ and I hate when I have to alter it.

Now go read my blog ⟶